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Blog about playing with guys and their basic instincts

Having fun with the style!

Posted By LivingFunnyLife on Jul 21, 2010 at 10:42AM

Time to time there is an inner desire to make daily life more colorful. Pleasureful adventure is exactly what we need. Would you like to meet ideal man who can realize just any crazy dream?

Creators of http://guysfordate.weebly.com have invented “dating game for ladies”. The spirit of game is painfully characterized by words of Oscar Wilde, that only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. The idea is simple, but thrilling. You write your desire – anything what you can imagine what you would like to do together with man. Team of guysfordate.weebly.com from more than 50 dating sites and internet forums will find exact man who can realize your wish.

Here are some samples:

“Hi, I would like to find a rich man who also looks good and is not married!”

“Monday. Bouquet of white rouses from the stranger in my office. Evening – meeting with the stranger and drinking red soft wine”.

“Tasty athlete for secret meetings and brutal sex…. His masculine smell must make me dizzy!”

“Black guy, with a big …. and dragon tattoo on his neck!”

“Next Wednesday at 14.00 o’clock tasty dinner with talkative simple Simon, who will pay the bill, and whom I’ll never see again :)”

“Thursday evening around 17.00. Cinema. Whispers. Kisses. Sex in car”.

“Friday after 6 p.m. Party with 2 guys. Next morning – I wake up with both of them..”

“Handsome, romantic person with whom to spend my vacation in August!”

So, have you enough fantasy and conscience to do your adventure?

Dating game for ladies!

Posted By LivingFunnyLife on Jul 20, 2010 at 11:19AM

On this site is offered dating game for girls. Those who has already tried it, calls it trilling, especially if your idea was little bit crazy!

How often do you manipulate with men’s basic instincts for just having fun or personal benefit?

Posted By LivingFunnyLife on Jul 20, 2010 at 8:09AM

It is an old truth, that men could be smart, successful, talented, but their basic instincts like sexuality and necessity be recognized among females makes them just a toy, poppet in soft woman hands. New car from husband, jorney with the lower, aditional salary from boss and extra income from clients. This list is long. How frequently you manipulate with men? For playing with guys is created even special website http://guysfordate.weebly.com !

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